Our Team

Alejandra Zimmermann

Disney World Enthusiast First | Journalist Second | Coffee Lover Third | Call me Ale



Sabrina Silos

Journalist & Producer | Theme park lover | Family <3 | Foodie | Shopping | Selfie Queen





Bailey Kennedy

Sports Journalist | Sports Enthusiast | College Athlete




Tommy McArdle

Emerson College senior | deeply entrenched in the world of NHL hockey, late night television, and Stephen King’s IT



Kimberly Perry

Broadcast Journalist | Known in my hometown as the girl that wants to be like Ryan Seacrest




Sydney Zuckerman 

Broadcast Journalist | Overzealous Coffee Drinker| Tryer of New Things| Aesthetically Driven|Sarcastic


Caroline Long 

Editorial Writer & Digital Content Contributor | Friend to the Performing Arts | Part-time Fitness Junkie | Full-time Coffee drinker







Gloria Perez 

Writer & sometimes artist | Music fanatic | Professional fangirl | Star mom




Medina Sehi

Broadcast Journalist | Entertainment Beat | Beauty Guru | Bosnian Muslim | Taurus





Yiming Zhao

Journalist&Video Editor | Travel Enthusiast: 20 countries down, more to go | Cat Person