“The Grandaddy of Advice”

“You got to have a passion for anything you want to do.” That’s what awards columnist for deadline.com Pete Hammond told a group of Emerson College students on September 17th.

Hammond the once aspiring actor came and spoke to a group of students about his job and how he got to where he is now in the entertainment industry. Hammond first got his start in the entertainment industry as a page at NBC Burbank where his tasks were pretty simple: he gave people tours and picked up stars from the airport. Eventually, Hammond would move on from NBC and would bounce around working at several different places from there on. He started, working at Entertainment Tonight and eventually worked at, Entertainment Tonight for 1.5 years before he got sick of TV and wanted to go back to writing.

Following his passion to write lead Hammond to a job at the Los Angeles Times where they created a site called the Envelope where he was named the editor. In his 3 years at the Envelope, their Hammond told students, “I barely ever went into that place and I was there for 3 years.”

After his short time span at the LA Times Hammond stumbled into a new job.  As he put it, “I’ve stumbled into every job I’ve ever had.” This new job that he accepted would be at deadline.com where he would be covering the awards season for the website, something that Hammond had always wanted to do. Hammond joked how he has now been working at Deadline for 9 years. His primary work spots are his house, and if he’s not there you can find him at a nearby Starbucks.

On top of just being an awards columnist for Deadline, he is also a movie critic for them, where he chooses the movies he wants to see then does a video reviewing the movie, and then does a write up as well.

Hammond was asked by one student what his favorite award show is, and he called this show “The grandaddy of them all,” and no he was not referring to the Rose Bowl. Instead he was calling the Oscars “the granddaddy of them all”. He went onto add that when it comes to the Oscars there is so much to write about it, which makes it so easy.

Outside of just providing the students with his life story the 3-time Emmy nominee also provided the students with advice, “Find somebody you know and use their name,” Hammond told the Emerson class, explaining how he had gotten a job by doing that. He mentioned how before he did that he got denied from that job, but once he went back and mentioned that person’s name he eventually moved up in the process and soon after that got the job.

Following up his advice on using somebody’s name he declared, “PR people are very important always be nice to them they are your key to everything.” Hammond then discussed how always being friendly and nice to these people have helped him get several big scoops.

Hammond gave the students one last big key of advice before he left, “sometimes if you don’t care it’s the best thing going for you.”

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